Massage: Luxury Or Necessity?

Massage: Luxury Or Necessity?

Do You Also Consider Massage An Unnecessary Luxury? See How It Benefits The Human Body And Why It Is… “Medicine” .

Massage Is One Of The Oldest Non-Invasive Treatments. The Word Massage Has Its Roots In France, Although The First Literary References Start From China And India, And Means “Rubbing Of Massage”. Similar Concepts Exist, However, In Many Other Languages, Such As Latin Where The Word ” Massa ” Translates As Mass / Dough, While In Arabic As Touch. The Correct Definition In The Greek Language Is The Word  Overthrow .

It Is No Coincidence That We Associate Pain With Massage, As Instinctively When We Are In Pain, We Touch Exactly On This Point In Order To Have Relief. Touch Works As A Treatment, As It Reduces Stress And Leads Us To Psychological And Physical Relaxation. Hippocrates Himself (Father Of Medicine) Imposed Abrasions On His Apprentices As A Necessary Knowledge, Telling Them “The Doctor Must Also Do An Abrasion In A Gentle And Persistent Way”.

Massage Over The Years Has Evolved And Taken On New Dimensions. New Techniques  Have Come To Enrich The Classic Ones, So That The Various Types Of Massages Cover Even The Most Demanding Situations. 

Although For Many Years, Massage Was Considered A Kind Of Luxury, Nowadays It Increasingly Seems To Become A  Necessity , As It Offers Unique Properties Not Only To The Body But Also To The Soul. It Is Considered A Kind Of Psychotherapy, As After The Session Or Intense Euphoria Is A Dominant Emotion.

There Are Many Reasons To Include A Massage In Your Routine. Physically It Helps To Relax The Muscles And Relieve Pain, As The Pressure Of Work And Often The Wrong Posture, Leads To A Decrease In Oxygen To The Muscles. Massage Enhances The Better Supply Of Oxygen To The Muscles By Increasing Blood Circulation And Detoxifying The Lymph (Defense System Of The Body). It Also Restores Elasticity To Tissues, Improves Metabolism, Lowers Blood Pressure And Helps Heal Wounds.

From A Psychological Point Of View, Massage Is A Very Promising Treatment Especially For Modern Man And The “Cultural Stress” He Experiences. Constant Noise, Movement, Many Obligations, Financial Insufficiency, Fast Pace, Lack Of Free Time, Many People Relying On It, Lead To A Constant And Chronic Stress – The Result Of Modern Life, And An Overstimulation Of The Nervous System That – Due To The Rapid Rhythm Of Life – Many Times It Is Not Perceived When We Experience It, But When We Come To A State Of Calm. The Massage, Accompanied By The Aromas Of The Essential Oils, The Soft Music And The Low Lighting, In A Specially Designed Space Can Reach The Body Even In A State Of Sleep, While At The Same Time Pressures On Appropriate Points Release Substances That Are Responsible For The Feeling Of Joy Endorphins. It Therefore Acts As A Catalyst Against Depression And Migraines.

After All, Is Wellness Not A Luxury But An Imperative? Should We Stop Treating Our Own Lives As Four Arithmetic Operations That We Always Use Incorrectly? We Add Obligations Instead Of Subtracting, We Subtract Pleasures Instead Of Adding, We Multiply The Guilt Instead Of Dividing It, We Divide Our Dreams Instead Of Multiplying Them.