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The World Massage Festival

Don't Miss 2009!

Inside This Issue:
"Everything Festival!"

Young or Old, what are your
New Ideas

This page will carry new innovations and creations like the fantastic "Eyeport" by Hall of Famer Dr. Jacob Liberman.

(Update* I had no idea so many would be interested in eye massage like me!)

Here you go. See it for yourself!

It is mostly here to show how YOU ARE and others can be helping the massage profession.

Any little thing may spark an idea.

Here is one small example - I know therapists need stock photos for their business cards and websites. I am a photographer so I will create a small space with photos that anyone can use for their advertising needs.

If we all share our ideas and abilities, the profession will grow, improve and flourish. And isn't that why we are here?

So what is YOUR IDEA?

Gloria Coppola-Gaber's Idea

With the economy being the way it is right now, we hear alot of people saying business is down. Massage therapy is one of the first "luxuries" to go. So, instead of waiting for the phone to ring, or complaining your income is down...... Try this offer! I just did and the results were spontaenous and successful. It didn't cost anything and now I have new clients coming. I only did it as an experiment. Offer a $25/hr. Special - one time only to new clients on selected dates.And here is The KEY:

Post it on a community email or other free option.

For example: I posted it on the Mom's Club sight on yahoo. Mom's need a break in more ways than one. The phone rang immediately upon the announcement showing up. No costly advertising and new clientele!! It makes everyone feel better!

Gloria Coppola-Gaber, LMBT # 6902
a practicing massage therapist for over 20 years!

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