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The World Massage Festival

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Massage News Finds Roots in WMF Symposium

Massage News was born out of a need to bring the Massage Profession together under one umbrella. This publication is tied to no one professional association, but rather is an effort to improve the industry as a whole.

Massage News is asking anyone with massage related information to send it to us so others may learn as well. We will try to put everything in. So write and the send your thoughts.

Our "birth" came from actions at the 2008 World Massage Festival Symposium. It is explained in detail in the report below on page two.

The Massage Therapy Advocacy Council Report

At the 2008 Symposium, the two issues overwhelming discussed were education and insurance, 68 %.

After studying the massage insurance programs available, I talked with Hands-On-Trade Insurance and we formed an agreement that led to the creation of The World Massage Plan.

Our last step was to find someone (to lobby) that would watch out for the profession. And we are proud to tell you we have found her in our own Hall of Fame Member, Vivian Madison-Mahoney.

Anyone wishing to lower their yearly costs can go to The World Massage Plan and potentially save hundreds of dollars every year and thousands over the course of their career.

This problem was settled so quickly that I started keeping track of peoplesí complaints.

Page Two of Report

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